Major Update – The Future Of The TNA World Heavyweight Title


UPDATE x 2: TNA has posted the video again, and here are the details on the World Title Series…

The World Title Series will feature a format very similar to soccer’s World Cup, with thirty-two members of the IMPACT WRESTLING roster competing for the TNA World Championship. The wrestlers will be divided into eight groups to begin round-robin group play. Winners receive three points, a draw receives one point and a loss earns zero points. The top two point-getters from each group will advance to the field of 16 and a single elimination tournament where the competitor who wins advances and the loser goes home. The ultimate winner of the World Title Series will have survived the most grueling test in the history of wrestling and will be crowned the true and undisputed TNA World Champion. The complete World Title Series will broadcast weekly on Wednesdays on Destination America at 9e/p. The show will feature advancements in the presentation of professional wrestling offering new features like a virtual set where hosts Josh Mathews and Pope will update viewers on the World Title Series leaderboard, incorporate social media interactions from fans and wrestlers, and make predictions. After the matches, cameras are waiting backstage to capture instant reactions from the competitors leaving the ring.

UPDATE: In a new video, which has now been marked private, TNA President Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan addressed the TNA World Heavyweight title situation. They announced that a “World Title Series” will begin on tonight’s Impact. The series will crown a new champion.

ORIGINAL: TNA posted the following on Twitter today, promising an update on the TNA Title situation later today. As previously reported, Matt Hardy vacated the TNA World Title, which he had just won on Sunday, due to a storyline injunction obtained by Ethan Carter III. The title being vacated was also reportedly something the company planned back in July. In the video below, Josh Mathews broke down the angle…

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