Major Update – Vince McMahon Furious At WWE’s HIAC PPV



UPDATE: While Vince McMahon wasn’t happy about the blood in the Hell in a Cell main event, that was not what made him furious. What incensed McMahon was that after Lesnar began to bleed and a doctor was sent down to the ring to tend to him, Lesnar shoved the referee out of the way.

The shove was 100% legitimate and Lesnar was upset that the doctor’s intervention disrupted the match’s momentum. A blade job is highly unlikely, as a blade cut wouldn’t require nine staples and everyone backstage is very aware of the company’s strict policy against blading.

Finally, while Vince was angry, neither Undertaker nor Brock Lesnar were spoken to about the incident after the match as things had cooled off by then and both Dunn and McMahon were happy with the ending of the pay-per-view.

ORIGINAL: Bryan Alvarez reports that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn were not happy during the main event of the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. According to Alvarez, both McMahon and Dunn both freaked out over the blood and immediately sent a doctor to the ring to deal with the blood and “calm” both Lesnar and Taker. He also posted the following on Twitter last night during the match…

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