Michael Elgin Reveals His Goals For 2015, ROH’s Anniversary Event


In an interview with Pro Wrestling Experience, host Joshua Lopez on Chicagoland Sports Radio, Michael Elgin spoke about his 2015 goals and headlining the Ring of Honor 13th anniversary show.

On his upcoming match at the 13th Anniversary PPV: “It’s my chance to regain something that I felt that I should’ve never lost. It’s a big match on worldwide PPV with four of the best wrestlers in the world in one match for the biggest prize and that prize is the Ring of Honor World Championship. It’s safe to say that the ROH World Title is the most coveted world title in professional wrestling. There’s a lot on the line and I have something to prove more so than anybody. My goal is to be world champion and that was taken away from me last year sooner than I thought it would be. I’m here to regain the throne and to tell people that hey i’m not going anywhere and I’m the best at what I do.”

On his goals for 2015 and what he would’ve changed from last year: “The goal I have this year is the same goal I have every year. I just want to be remembered for my work in the ring and I’m going to give all I have in that ring. Wrestlers in Ring of Honor are mostly appreciated for what the work they put into the ring and what they gave back to Ring of Honor and the Ring of Honor fans. That’s my mindset, I had my up’s and down’s, but when I step in the ring my goal is to have my performance be talk about way after the performance is over.”

On his feelings on main eventing the 13th Anniversary Show for Ring of Honor: “It’s huge it’s not only it’s just a main event in a major show, but it’s my second singles main event in ppv history for the company. That’s says a lot to my hard work and at the same time it that say’s a lot of the company for beliving in me to be put in this position. I feel that Ring of Honor is giving the wrestlers and the wrestling world a platform to display the best wrestling in world. I’m happy to be back on PPV, i’m happy to be back in the driver seat and happy to be in the position to go after the Ring of Honor World Championship again. Usually in a title match you looking to see how you can defeat your opponent, but in my view I think Hanson, Tomasso and Jay have to find out how they can beat me.”

On his training school in St. Louis: “It’s going really good I had my first class last January and through the thick and thin only two students stood towards graduation time. Very proud of them and Danny Adams and Paco Gonzalez they have been doing shows in Chicago for AAW, they’ve done some appearances for Ring of Honor, and many other companies around the mid west. Those two really show the work ethic and show may teaching through their work and the group of guys I have right now, have been doing very well. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys get out there and do more shows and sink their teeth in professional wrestling. We have a new class on April 6th and I like said it’s going so well right now and we had a camp in Ring of Honor this past weekend and Delirious has been impressed with the guys that i’ve been training. We echo the same sentiments were on the same page everything he said I agreed with and vice versa. Just proving that my teaching philosophy has been working. I guarantee that with all my students who come through the door, I may not be the best wrestler in the world, I may not be the best trainer, but I promise everything that I know that I can teach will be out there to anybody that wants to learn.”

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