Mick Foley Remembers Deathmatch 20 Years Ago, Reigns News


– Roman Reigns spoke with Men’s Journal and shared his tips on staying in shape. You can check it out at the link.

— Mick Foley took to Facebook to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his infamous King of the Death Match appearance in Japan:


It was called “The Kawasaki Dream” at the time. It has gone down in wrestling lore as “The King of the Death Match”. It was one of the longest, most painful days of my life. But it resulted in a particularly nice photo of my eyes, don’t you think?

The first ever 8-man single elimination deathmatch tournament featured Foley (wrestling as Cactus Jack) in three matches that night, including the main event which saw him face Terry Funk in a “Barbed wire rope, exploding C4 Time Bomb Death Match.”

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