Mike Bennett Discusses Working With His Wife Maria Kanellis, More


In an interview with the (Wicked Local) Carver Reporter, Mike Bennett spoke about what it’s like to work with his wife Maria Kanellis in his wrestling career. Here are highlights:

On The Kingdom: “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in the ring. There came a point last year when I was taking everything so seriously. Once I started having fun is when my career actually took off.”

On how wife Maria Kanellis helps him on the road: “It’s a constant struggle. There are times where Maria has to pull me aside and be like, ‘We gotta go.’ We go on these long tours to Japan and there are fans waiting to meet you after a 14-hour flight. Your body is telling you to go to your hotel and go to bed, but you can’t.”

On how they met and got together: “We met at a show. We felt a connection but at the time we were both with other people. A few months later when our situations had changed, we started DM’ing each other on Twitter. She was in Philly and asked me to come see her. It took me nine hours to get there because I got caught up in New York traffic. But we hung out and just hit it off.”

On his success: “It’s funny in wrestling. Because it used to be that you didn’t really see any kind of success until you hit 30. If you look at the likes of Stone Cold, the Rock, Jericho and Triple H, they didn’t hit their peak until they were 30, 31…even 35, 36. They were training to get to that level. In any sport, I think when someone gets near the dreaded age of 30, that’s when the downfall starts. I’d be lying if I didn’t say for a while, I thought like that. Now, I’m almost embracing it. Things are going good with New Japan Pro Wrestling, with Ring of Honor that I’ve changed my mindset.”

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