The Miz Discusses Evolving As A WWE Superstar, & More


The Miz recently spoke about evolving as a WWE star and more. Here are the highlights…

Credit: The Gorilla Position Podcast

The Miz Winning An Oscar: “It sounds like a joke, it sounds like people laugh at it but it’s the same way as when I told people I was going to be a WWE superstar. When I did my first movie, I didn’t expect people to say: ‘That was actually really good. You actually did a good job.”

The Miz On Evolving As A WWE Superstar: “You always have to evolve, even the biggest superstars in the WWE have always evolved. You look at Hogan with the yellow and red going into the NWO. You look at The Rock and then him coming back as Hollywood Rock and then him coming back again as this huge, big mega movie star. You look at everyone, John Cena, rapper – now he’s ‘hustle, loyalty and respect, never give up’. Every superstar evolves, if you’re good.”

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