More On Brooke Tessmacher’s Breast Implants, iMPACT! News


— TNA will tape the remainder of the May 8th episode of Impact as well as the May 15th edition of the show tonight in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

— In a post on Facebook, Brooke Tessmacher revealed why she was having her breast revisions.

She wrote: “I’ve got a ton of questions to why I decided to have a breast revision. There are several reasons to why, but the most important complications are from my prior operation. I had a capsular contracture on one side and on the other I had a ruptured implant. This is something that I have had for a very long time. I wasn’t ready to put my wrestling career on hold to go through another surgery to have them corrected. I felt this was the perfect time for me to finally fix something that was awful for so long.”

13 **CLOSE-UP PHOTOS** – Brooke Tessmacher’s BRAND NEW Breast Implants – Holy SH*T!!


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