More On Ken Anderson Being Fired From TNA Due To Drugs


UPDATE 3: Here are some additional details on Ken Anderson being fired from TNA for a failed drug test. A source in the company indicated that Anderson tested positive for pills that he didn’t have a prescription for.

The source noted that Anderson’s behavior “seemed odd” during the day before the match and that the match itself was cut short due to the fact that Anderson looked bad in there against Eric Young. Young was said to be livid with TNA management afterward and could he heard yelling at officials to do something about the problem.

UPDATE x 2: Ken Anderson’s TNA release was reportedly due to a failed drug test. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that according to multiple sources backstage at the company, Anderson was given a drug test after he appeared to be under the influence during a match with Eric Young at the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania tapings.

The site reports that Anderson looked so bad that the match was cut from the January 19th show that it was supposed to air during. Anderson was forced to take an immediate drug test after the match and was then sent home.

TNA officials and Anderson have yet to comment, although the sources in the company say management hopes that Anderson gets treatment for his issues.

UPDATE: Ken Anderson was released from his TNA deal for behavior that took place during the Bethlehem, PA tapings.

ORIGINAL: At a recent independent event, Mr. Anderson revealed that he is no longer a member of the TNA roster. He’s been working for the promotion off and on since 2010. He’s still on the roster page, but so is Austin Aries even after he appeared on NXT.

Anderson reportedly departed the company prior to the UK tour.

He said: “I don’t work for TNA anymore, so I agree with you. Fuck TNA!”

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