More On The Future Of Lucha Underground & Costs Involved


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Eric Van Wagenen, the Executive Prouder of Lucha Underground, recently did a Reddit AMA and stated that while they did not spend $20 million on season one of Lucha Underground, they are regrouping and looking for new investors. According to sources, one of the promotion’s partners stated that $400,000 per episode was spent for season one. That would be a total of $15.6 million, and if start up costs are added in, the $20 million number seems legit.

There is a lot of talk about season two, with the feeling that they will do one, but with a lower budget. They are discussing shooting the second season in Texas or in Mexico. There is a feeling that some of the partners wouldn’t be comfortable shooting in Mexico, although it can be done there for far less. Part of the reason that they shot in California was because the producers were able to get friends to work on the show for less than usual because they were working so close to home. Texas seems to be the frontrunner at this time, but nothing official has been announced.

The company needs new financing, a Televisa deal in Mexico would have guaranteed a second season for the company, but those talks have completely cooled off. A deal with Univision in the US would be a big deal, but nothing has happened in that direction either. They need a wider reach, because doing 60,000 to 80,000 viewers on El Rey and another 200,000 to 250,000 on Unimas didn’t make them any substantial money, If they could gain a wider exposure, the feeling is that they could merchandize the product, run live events and PPV and then possibly gain a bigger TV deal for higher rights fees.

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