Nelson ‘Viscera’ Frazier’s Widow Files Lawsuit Against WWE


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UPDATE: Here are some new details regarding the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims…

“Mr. Frazier died February 18, 2014 at the age of 43 as a result of injuries he sustained as a result of wrestling for the WWE. Plaintiff seeks compensation and such further relief as justice may require for accumulation of long-term chronic injuries, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), financial losses, pain and suffering, expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, and intangible human losses suffered by the Plaintiff as a result of WWEs willful, wanton, reckless, and grossly negligent and other conduct and omissions, which resulted in Mr. Frazier suffering repetitive serious head injuries, brain trauma, concussions, other serious injuries, and eventually the heart attack which took his life.”

The lawsuit claims that Frazier was never properly educated as to the risks he took medically and that WWE featured a culture that sent wrestlers back into the ring when they shouldn’t have been cleared. The lawsuit claims…

“Mr. Frazier, in turn, relied on the WWE’s deceptive statements and efforts to conceal medical evidence, resulting in his misinformed belief that concussive events and wrestling with serious illnesses and injuries did not present serious life-threatening risks. Nelson Frazier, was in an inferior bargaining position to WWE, as well as an inferior position to know the scope of risks to which WWE insisted he participate. As a result, he regularly returned to wrestle prematurely, despite suffering injury from a previous match, without adequate time to heal. Subsequently, as Mr. Fraziers health further declined, the WWE did nothing to help him manage or treat his injuries and wrestling related medical conditions.”

The lawsuit also claims that WWE, “hired doctors whose sole purpose was to downplay and conceal the long-term risks of head injuries from wrestlers, rather than, as wrestlers believed, protect them from harm. In this additional way, WWE deceived wrestlers like Nelson Frazier Jr.” The lawsuit then goes onto cite comments made by CM Punk on Colt Cabana’s podcast last year as proof cementing those claims.

The lawsuit also questions WWE’s cardiovascular testing, claiming that their tests should have shown that Frazier Jr. likely would have needed medical assistance. It also claims that the testing either never happened or was presented in a poor manner. It further claims that WWE’s responsibility to Frazier should have continued after he was released. The lawsuit states that Frazier dealt with a number of medical issues towards the end of his life that left him “penniless” as he was forced to pay cash to deal with them, including…

“Frazier had lost most of his short-term memory, could not remember discussions from moments or days ago and had a difficulty performing basic tasks due to his inability to recall events or appointments. Frazier suffered from severe migraines for which he sought medical attention. Frazier suffered from severe depression for which he sought medical attention. Frazier had suffered long-term brain damage from his WWE career.”

Frazier did continue to wrestle after leaving WWE, and did so for several years. Cassandra Frazier is asking for a trial by jury and is seeking compensatory and general damages for herself and Nelson Frazier Jr.’s estate.

WWE has not commented on the lawsuit at this time.

ORIGINAL:Cassandra Frazier, the widow of Nelson Frazier Jr. (Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V) has filed a lawsuit against the WWE. The suit was filed in the Shelby County Circuit Court in Memphis, Tennessee, and is a wrongful death suit. Frazier alleges that her husband’s passing, “was due to the cumulative effect of the punishment he took in the ring, including concussions and brain trauma over the 400+ matches he competed in for WWE.” WWE has not been officially served with the suit as it is currently in its early stages.

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