A New FWE Champion Crowned?, Cornette News, & More News


— At last night’s FWE event, Matt Hardy pinned Drew Galloway to win Galloway’s Insane Championship Wrestling title (the title is for a promotion in Scotland). During the match, Hardy pinned Galloway, and then his music was played and he was announced as the new champion. However, Galloway then nailed Hardy and pinned him.

Galloway’s foot was on the ropes, and it was meant to be played as a false finish. However, Hardy’s music was played, and he was still announced as the new champion. This finish was said to have not been laid out beforehand, but that’s how it ultimately happened.

— Josh Daniels, who performed as a wrestler in the Northeast and for ZERO-1 in Japan is set to make an appear on Law & Order: SVU this week on NBC. The episode is titled “Intimidation Game” and is based on the recent Gamergate controversy.

The Charleston Post-Courier published a story on the upcoming Jim Cornette Tribute show scheduled for March 7 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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