Orlando Mayor Reacts To WrestleMania Returning To His City & More


The Miami Herald has an interview with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer about the possibility of Wrestlemania 33 coming to the city. It’s also in the running for WrestleMania 34. Here are highlights:

On negotiations with WWE: “I actually traveled to Connecticut and met with [WWE CEO/Chairman] Vince McMahon and the executive team for the 2008 event and I was part of our proposal for the [2017 and 2018] events as well.”

On WWE being impressed: “I don’t think they’ve had many Mayors who have come [to Stamford] to make the pitch for WrestleMania, so there’s some mutual admiration going on. We’re in a competition right now, and we understand it’s down to a handful of cities for 2017. We put in bids for both 2017 [WrestleMania 33] and 2018 [WrestleMania 34].”

On renovations to the Citrus Bowl: “Now we’ve got a really high quality stadium that we have about 14 months under our belt. It opened in November [2014]. That’s going to be a light years difference in the experience people are going to have in coming to the actual event. In terms of the event itself, we pulled out a lot of stops the last time around. We worked with them to get a pasture in the flight path of the landing with their logo mowed into the grass there. We had a number of different types of events. We had the arts community at an event with Jimmy Hart. So we cross-pollinated a lot.”

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