Paul Heyman Discusses Brock Lesnar Re-Signing With WWE, More


Paul Heyman recently spoke with Bleacher Report, here are the highlights…

On Being an Advocate For Lesnar Since The Beginning: “If you don’t have someone who will champion your cause, it is certainly an uphill battle to break into the main event level. Because when the decisions are always being made at the top by one man, if that man doesn’t hear your praises being sung by several people, or at least the influential ones, then he has to second-guess himself sometimes. But when Vince McMahon sees it, and influential people around him also say, ‘Hey, you see this, don’t you?’ ‘Of course I see it.’ ‘You see it too, right?’ ‘Yeah, we see this too.’ It just makes the investment in that human being, let alone the character and the persona, much easier.”

On Lesnar Re-Signing With WWE: “His timing is impeccable. He knows what he’s doing. He is a world-class global athlete in his prime yet understands how to maximize the money he will make based on the exploitation of his persona. Brock Lesnar is not done yet. Brock Lesnar has not accomplished all that he wants to accomplish yet. And there are still things that Brock Lesnar wants to do that the public is going to be in awe of. We’re just getting started here.”

You can read the full Bleacher Report interview by clicking here.

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