Paul Heyman Discusses Brock Lesnar & The German Suplex, & More


Paul Heyman spoke with about Heyman Hustle’s new distribution deal with Yahoo! and more. Check out the highlights:

On being Brock Lesnar’s advocate now compared to his previous run: “There’s nothing different about being with Brock Lesnar day-to-day now than it was 14 years ago when we were first together in WWE except we’re both a little older and wiser and we both have more children than we did 14 years ago when we started together on television. Besides that there’s nothing really different about that man. His values are the same, his interests are the same, his desire and drive and ambition is the same. And his desire to be left alone by the world is the same except now he truly has the resources to ensure he gets left alone by the world. The run we’re having now to me is based on the credibility that comes along with the fact that when he left WWE he didn’t just go do odds and ends, he became the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, knocking out Randy Couture and going on to becoming a three-time defending undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship of the world. He didn’t knock out some schlub, he didn’t knock out an interim champion, or someone who just fell into the division without a lot of competition – he knocked out Randy freaking Couture. Along with that comes an awful lot of credibility and with that comes authenticity and legitimacy that WWE can then exploit. So when we come into this run, you don’t have to imagine “wow, what would happen if this guy fought in UFC?” You know what would happen if he fought in UFC – he would take over the heavyweight division like he did. Now WWE fans have bragging rights, that’s the baddest dude on the face of the planet.”

On Lesnar making the German Suplex exciting and intimidating: “As I told Steve Austin on his podcast, I think a headlock can become the most exciting move in professional wrestling/sports entertainment if it’s promoted right and done right by the right person on the right people, sold right by the announcers, pushed right by the promotion. If Mark Henry would grab people in a headlock and the next thing you hear is “this guy has a cracked skull” and for the next 32 week on television every time Mark Henry has a cracked skull on somebody and they say “this guy has a cracked skull” after 32 weeks when that guy grabs a headlock people will be growing crazy. Why? Because they know this is where somebody gets a cracked skull. If on that 33rd week he grabs Brock Lesnar or John Cena or Randy Orton or one of the top names in the promotion, then you have a situation where people go “Oh my God, is he going to crack Triple H or Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns’ skull? Here it comes!” Either someone escapes for the first time in 33 weeks or this guy goes down too. Either way it becomes something of magnitude. The German Suplex became big because he hit John Cena with 16 German Suplexes and the next night on television I talked about it, which is nothing out of the ordinary. I talked the talk and he walks the walk. And then we brand it and people catch on to it.”

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