Paul Heyman Responds To NBC’s Brian Williams – Details


UPDATE: WWE has now posted the video (a preview/teaser), which you can see below:

ORIGINAL: The Paul Heyman piece was broadcast from the WWE Headquarters studios in Stamford, CT, and featured Heyman talking about how Brian Williams is on TV, therefore he is an entertainer. There was a photo of Williams next to Heyman with a caption reading “Brian Williams is a liar,” but Paul Heyman defended him by saying anyone who is on TV, be it a news anchor or an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment, is an entertainer, and their job is just that, to entertain.

The piece then cut to Williams signing off a recent news broadcast and he made no mention of the current controversy.

To that, Heyman said he admires Brian Williams, and likened Williams to himself, because like all good liars, he didn’t deny anything, and he didn’t let “facts get in the way of a good lie.”

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