PHOTOS: The New WWE Production Truck Skins Revealed


UPDATE: Photos of a WWE production truck with a WrestleMania 32 skin/advertisement have made their way online. The truck includes the faces of Rock, Nikki Bella, Undertaker, Ryback, Rusev and Triple H among others:

ORIGINAL: According to sources, WrestleMania 32 will be aired on the WWE Network. There is a line of thought that WWE could make more money with it as a pay-per-vioew exclusive, but that would cause issues with WWE Network subscribers since WWE has promised that all PPVs including WrestleMania will air on the Network.

The production trucks recently got their WrestleMania 32 promo skins, which advertise the show as airing on the Network. The Rock and Nikki Bella are prominently shown on the skins.

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