Plans For WWE’s ‘Breaking Ground’, Cena/Rock Rivalry, & More News


— WWE Breaking Ground will air every Monday after RAW goes off the air. The episodes will run for thirty minutes each, not one hour as previously reported. There was a mistake on the WWE Network schedule. has a new poll asking fans which “nation” they’d rather join: MexAmerica, The Cesaro Section, The Cenation or the Roman Empire. Over 7,000 votes have been cast and Roman is leading with 35%, followed by Cesaro (26%), Cena (24%) and MexAmerica in last place (15%).

— A new episode of WWE Rivalries, focusing on John Cena vs The Rock, will air today on the WWE Network. Here’s a synopsis:

“Once-in-a-Lifetime superstars engage in a polarizing rivalry and develop respect for one another while headlining consecutive WrestleManias.”

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