Reddit ‘WWE Insider’ Backtracking On Kalisto Report


Call it backtracking if you want, because it sounds a bit like it, but “WWE insider” (and Reddit user) MetsFan4Ever has responded to WWE denying his suggestion that Kallisto could be debuting a new gimmick as a gay hairstylist. His response is below:

Never did I say this was going to happen 100 percent. WWE apparently released a statement saying the rumor wasn’t true. That is exactly what it was. If you notice the headline even has a question mark. This was a report given to me. But it was never 100 percent confirmed by me or anyone else.

He adds later in the thread:

This story caught fire so fast. I’m shocked by how far people took this. I’m reporting what I’ve heard. Again, never did I say this was definitely happening. But people took to Twitter right away and put words in my mouth.

To be perfectly fair to him, he did say (and we did report) that WWE was only “seriously considering” the gimmick change, not moving forward with plans.

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