Report: A Backstage Issue With Brock Lesnar At RAW


Source: The Wrestling Observer

According to a source, Brock Lesnar was involved in a backstage situation that WWE doesn’t want to get out. WWE announced several times that Brock would be on RAW with Paul Heyman to talk about Roman Reigns, but Lesnar never showed. He was backstage at the show.

There is much “more to the story” according to sources. The source notes, “The story is ongoing and still in progress. I don’t think anyone wants it out until whatever it is is settled…but something happened, but what that is, I do not know.”

The situation isn’t bad enough that the WrestleMania 31 main event is in jeopardy, but there is an unanswered question, and we don’t know what it is right now.

Story developing ….. stay tuned as we hear more.

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