Report – Jonathan Coachman & Edge On ESPN’s SportsCenter


– Jonathan Coachman welcomes Edge to the show, and talks about how he was in the crowd at Wrestlemania VI in Toronto. Edge says he knew he wanted to be a wrestler, but that show cemented it in his head. Coach talks about how he and Christian, and the Dudleys and Hardys set themselves apart, and Edge said they just needed to bring it in these big matches to add some different and memorable.

Edge talks about his match with Mick Foley, and he says he knew if he wasn’t in the main event he would make people think he should have been, and he had a great opponent in Foley. Coach brings up Undertaker, and talks about his match with Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 32, and Edge says he so relieved to finally get his Undertaker match, because of how much Taker means to wrestling and Wrestlemania. Coach says Edge is unique in that he was in a stable, succeeded as a team and became a world champion. Coach asks which was most challenging, and Edge says there’s no Edge without Christian, and he owes a lot to him, and talks about how they broke up while still successful instead of burning out.

Coach transitions into Edge and Christian’s new WWE Network show, asking how they pull it off, and Edge thinks it’s great because it’s still in progress and they keep pressing people to see what works. Coach talks about injuries, asking about Edge’s final match and leading up to it, and Edge says he passed a lot of tests and felt good, but they had to know when he would lose the title. He says right after that they got his MRI results and it got pretty crazy from there, but he wrestled nine years after his first fusion surgery, and doesn’t know how he pulled it off.

Coach asks Edge what his favorite Wrestlemania match is, and Edge rattles off a few in one breath (Savage/Steamboat, Warrior/Hogan, Bret/HBK and Taker/HBK) before Coach thanks him for appearing and closes out the segment.

Edge’s Top Moments

– Top Main Event
Wrestlemania 24 versus The Undertaker

– Top Spot
Spearing Mick Foley through a table at Wrestlemania 22

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