Report – NXT Talent Frustrated Over Tyler Breeze On The Main Roster


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Per the Wrestling Observer, there has been a lot of talk in NXT about Tyler Breeze’s floundering position since he’s been called up to the main roster. NXT talent sees Breeze’s lack of a push as an example of someone who was ready to be a main roster star but was not treated as such once he was introduced on RAW and SmackDown.

The situation has apparently led to some talent questioning whether they want to be called up, as while the goal is always to get a main roster position and the money that comes along with it, NXT is a fun experience and the main roster can be frustrating. Part of the frustration with talent regarding Breeze’s position is that his call-up was made to be a big deal on Breaking Ground, but that by the time it aired Breeze was already depushed and at the bottom of the card. Many blame Vince McMahon as the sole person behind that. Triple H is said to be frustrated as well.

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