Report – ROH Was Able To Match WWE Offers To Their Wrestlers


Report – ROH Was Able To Match WWE Offers To Their Wrestlers

Rolling Stone recently profiled Ring of Honor, and you can heck out that article here. The article touches on how Ring of Honor has thrived and managed to survive for over 10 years, and it also features some comments by owner Joe Koff. According to Koff, ROH has been able to match WWE offers to wrestlers on their roster. Below are some highlights for Koff discussing ROH’s success.

Koff on WWE champions being former ROH wrestlersL “The major company in our business is of course the WWE – I’m not going to Voldemort them and say, ‘He who has no name,’ because we very much respect their organization. But what’s interesting is that over the last two years all their champions and key people have been Ring of Honor people. They have a developmental program, which is a fine, fine program, but where were their champions coming from?”

Koff on how ROH has been able to match WWE offers to other wrestlers last year: “There was a time when the goal of all of our stars was to work for us and hope to get called by [WWE,] and throughout my time here there was never a moment where I’d say, ‘Don’t do it.’ I’d never try to stop anyone who thought they could do better for their families or for their careers. In 2015, what’s happened is that they’ve made offers to some of our people, and I respect that, but we were able to match those offers. They’d rather stay here than go there.”

Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were spotted on a vacation at some point last year. We’ve obtained several photos from the vacation featuring the three of them along with Stephanie & Triple H’s young child at a swimming pool, riding in golf carts and dancing. If you’re interested, you can click here to view the vacation photos.