Report: Talents Frustrated With TNA’s Creative Team


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UPDATE: Many are upset with TNA creative for how things are being handled backstage. Those who once had access to more information are not happy with how creative have been keeping secrets about their plans. For example, very few people knew Eric Young was going to win the world title. Many feel like if the people in charge of creative put the same amount of energy at keeping secrets as they do toward ideas and planning, the quality of TNA could improve.

Meanwhile, sources in TNA deny that Daniel Bryan’s WWE title win was the inspiration for Young’s win. TNA management claims the title win was done because it was the last live episode for a few weeks and TNA wanted to surprise people. You can be the judge of that but many know how obvious it is that TNA was clearly trying to capitalize off WWE’s success with Daniel Bryan.

ORIGINAL: There is said to be heat on Dixie Carter in TNA because many feel she’s not doing enough to help the company. One of the concerns is the fact that TNA does not have a new TV deal with Spike TV and their current deal ends in October. The last contract they had also expired in the month of October and the company had already agreed to a new deal by this time in that year.

There are also those who are upset with Dixie Carter’s attitude. She recently asked in meetings at TNA’s Nashville headquarters why the company wasn’t in the New Orleans area during WrestleMania week. Many feel that questioning this and the low morale is an example of her criticizing what the company should have done instead of actually getting something done.

Dixie’s mother Janice and a Panda Energy attorney recently visited the TNA HQ in Nashville, which surprised a lot of people, as they normally stay in Texas.

Meanwhile, there are also those in TNA who think that “Big” John Gaburick is out of his element with his current role. He handles the creative direction for the company, something he never did while in WWE.



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