Does Ric Flair Think Charlotte Is Ready For WWE’s Main Roster?


In an interview with Bell 2 Bell Radio, Ric Flair said that he believes his daughter Charlotte is ready for the main roster and has been for months. Here are highlights:

On working with Roddy Piper and The Highlanders: “Oh yeah, I do remember that, wearing the Kilt and everything, Roddy had two with him, so we thought “why not?”, we had a lot of fun that night in Glasgow. I’ve known Roddy since 1976 or 77 and he’s just a great guy, we’re very very close friends.”

On what he’s up to these days: “I was just on RAW last week, I’m on RAW about 8 or 9 times a year and my daughter is, of course, in NXT. I just keep busy doing a lot of appearances for the company and I keep busy with my own promotional stuff, you know, like autograph signings, hockey games and NFL Hockey games. Basically I work every weekend….if I want to.”

On Charlotte making it to the main WWE roster: “Do I think she’s ready? She’s been ready for at least 3 months. The question is whether they are ready for her. The divas division needs a good shaking up, and she’s the one to do it. I don’t know what the time scale is like, but there is nobody like her, I’m not saying it because she is my daughter, but because she is just that good.”

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