Robbie E. Discusses The TNA World Title, Heel vs. Face, More


The Art of Wrestling Podcast with Robert Krupar recently interviewed TNA star Robbie E. Below are some highlights.

Robbie E on how he got into wrestling: “I loved wrestling since I was kid because my older brother liked it. So right when I turned 16 I started training with my parents signature and approval at a local school in NJ. Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond) had a great hand in my training and later getting me into TNA!!”

Robbie E on if he has his sights set on the TNA world title: “I would. It would be great to be added to the short list of grand slam champions who have held every title and I think me and EC3 could really tear the house down even though I hate him.”

His favorite alliance: “Def can cancel out the first!!! I would say I had the most fun with Bigger Rob and the most success with Jesse so it’s a tie between those two!! Big Rob and Bigger Rob were certainly memorable plus we had the list!!! Me and Jessie are the only team in pro wrestling history to both be former reality stars!!”

On if he prefers being a heel than a face: “I prefer being me the most and that’s what I am being. I think the fans respect that I have put 5 years in and am loyal. I’m a hard worker and love TNA!! Fans can sense that therefore they appreciate me.”

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