Is The Rock vs. Rusev Likely For WrestleMania 31?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As you know by now, The Rock made a surprise return Monday night on RAW during an in-ring promo segment with Rusev and Lana. The Rock wound up attacking Rusev and knocked him out of the ring.

According to sources, WWE officials did not want The Rock to do anything more physically than what he did to Rusev. The source notes that the company did not want a Rock Bottom, People’s Elbow or anything of that nature, likely to keep Rusev strong going forward.

The feeling among those backstage Monday night is that a match between Rock and Rusev is “doubtful”, although a possibility when WrestleMania 31 season rolls around. You guys know how things work and how much changes are made during WrestleMania season.

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