ROH Nearly Goes Dark On The DISH Network – Details


Ring of Honor nearly went off the air for the time being on DISH Network due to a disagreement in contract talks between Sinclair Communication and DISH. ROH posted a statement to their website last night stating that the agreement between the two companies had expired and that Sinclair channels were no longer available on DISH. The statement had said they didn’t know when or if Sinclair would be back on DISH and made note that ROH was still on DirecTV, cable and, as well as the weekly Destination America broadcast.

That situation was temporarily averted when DISH announced in a press release early this morning that they had agreed to a short term extension with Sinclair while they negotiate a new deal. The situation will become an issue again, of course, if they can’t come to a more permanent agreement with DISH.

Sinclair is certainly not the only network to have contractual issues with a carrier in recent memory; several networks have gone dark on certain carriers for extended periods of time after talks went south. Sinclair has 153 channels across the US that would be affected in seventy-nine markets.

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