Roman Reigns Discusses WWE’s Brand Split, SD! To The USA Network, More


The Big Story AP recently interviewed WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, who was promoting Smackdown’s move to USA Network this week. In the interview, Reigns advocated the return of the WWE brand extension. Below are some highlights.

Reigns on the move for SmackDown to USA: “I wish I could say (USA) makes a huge difference and it’s a super positive move and everyone’s so pumped about it. But as a competitor, all I need is the ropes and hopefully people show up in the arena. From a wrestling standpoint, not too much has changed for us.”

Reigns on not seeing SmackDown as a lesser show: “I don’t look at it as any less of a show, it’s pretty much the same talent.”

Reigns on why the WWE brand split should return: “It’s been seen and proven that a split brand, it can work. It can create really cool storylines.”

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