Ronda Rousey’s Ex-Boyfriend Explains Why She Is A Hard Person To Date (Photos Of Rousey & Her Ex Included)


Well, Ronda Rousey might be the world’s biggest catch for about 99.9 percent of men on planet earth. And this right here is a major part of the reason. So, who is the 00.1 percent that disagrees?

We now know who that person is.

The longtime ex-boyfriend of the rising UFC mega-star, who has crossed over into mainstream celebrity like no one in the history of combat sports, let alone female athletics, recently broke his silence.

Why does Rousey’s ex-boyfriend say she is impossible to date? What’s so bad about being in a relationship with “Rowdy” Ronda?

Read all of the juicy gossip from the man who once called himself “Mr. Rousey” for an extended period of time by clicking here.

For photos of the formerly happy couple, click here.