The Scott Steiner vs. TNA Lawsuit Set For This Summer



The trial for TNA’s lawsuit against Scott Steiner will start on June 5th, running for four days. The trial was originally set to begin in late November but was delayed.

If you will recall, TNA sued Steiner back in June of 2012 over remarks he made trashing TNA, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard and others. The company claimed that Steiner had breached his contract–expired at the time–by making the remarks and are seeking both damages and an injunction against Steiner speaking out.

Steiner said he never agreed not to disparage TNA and that he thus didn’t breach his deal. He denied being part of a “concerted effort to disparage” TNA and that his deal expired; while he was offered a new contract, he says that he turned it down and thus never executed the deal.

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