Sean Waltman Defends Kevin Nash Against Roddy Piper


As noted earlier here on the website, Kevin Nash went on an extended rant at Rowdy Roddy Piper over Twitter Saturday night. Nash unloaded after Piper took some shots at Nash on the latest episode of his podcast, referencing an altercation they had backstage in WCW following a match.

Piper said that he got into it with Nash after they worked on opposite sides of a tag team match, claiming that Nash’s team was trying to “run roughshod” on them and that it was a horrible match. Piper said that Nash didn’t know how to work a match and took shots at the Kliq member for thinking that they knew the business better than those running the company. Piper said that he was pissed off after the match and that Nash barged into his dressing room where Ric Flair and Erich Bischoff were, resulting in the Rowdy One leg diving him and throwing him out of the room.

Piper added that Nash claimed after the fact that Piper went after his bad knee, which he didn’t know about but would have gone after if he did. This all brought Nash to Twitter where he posted the following:

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, who was backstage when the “fight” went down, went on Twitter and defended Kevin Nash with the following tweets:

“I just heard it. On the life of my children Roddy is bold face lying & I hate to say that,because I love Roddy you (Nash) kicked the door in and everyone shit. Flair was more concerned about it not having to do with him. the Bodyguad tried to get between you. You said something to him and he stepped aside. Then you proceeded to open hand slap Roddy, because he was out of place and went into business for himself, causing you to re injure your knee in all that cluster Fu$k. I’ll give him credit for a nice leg sweep that came up a it short. He called you a liar over your description of the incident. No one wanted a piece. I just heard the podcast and it was an out and out lie. Can’t believe from Roddy. Hopefully it’s a memory issue and not pride.”

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