Several More Top WWE & TNA Stars Take Issue With Dana White’s “Fake Pro Wrestling Outburst”


When the pro wrestling world went into attack-mode to slaughter UFC President Dana White for using the dreaded F-Word (fake) when referring to pro wrestling, few knew that things were just getting started.

Since White made the “fake” outburst last weekend, legendary names from the past, current top names from the present and obvious future talent have all joined together in their dislike of the UFC boss man.

All except one.

Just to name a few of the wrestlers who have been trashing Dana White to pieces are Seth Rollins, Bully Ray, Taz, Austin Aries, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and many, many others.

If reading their passionate tirade-type resposes to White isn’t entertaining enough, you might be shocked to see which of the aforementioned names is actually supporting the fact that Dana White referred to pro wrestling as “fake,” and even more so, why he is supporting him.

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