Sgt. Slaughter Discusses His Short Rock Career & More


Sgt. Slaughter spoke with‘s “Noisey” section where he spoke about his short rock career in the 1980s. He released an album called Sgt. Slaughter and Camouflage Rocks America released on Cobra Records. He said the album and the miniature tour that accompanied it was “uncomfortable”.

He said about the tour: “So long story short we marketed it. We went to New York City and talked to a gentlemen there that was a big record producer. He wanted to put me in with a band called Autograph. Every guy had different colors and long brown or blonde hair. My friend said “I don’t think that’s going to go.” But this record producer thought the opposites would attract. So we kind of went off on our own but little did I know that record producer, Rogers, was quite famous for making a lot of money in this business. So I threw away a possible singing career—although I can’t sing. But they figured if they put the music up high enough I would sound OK. [Laughs] So that’s how the record got started. We went out on an independent record label and called it Cobra Records. Sgt Slaughter and Camouflage ROCKS AMERICA. We did a little tour through New York City and did four or five gigs. You know, everyone wants to be a rock star, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I was very uncomfortable with it. Very uncomfortable. ”

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