Shawn Michaels Discusses Daniel Bryan, Montreal, & Lots More


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Shawn Michaels recently appeared on Talk is Jericho, here are the highlights…

On whether his son has interest in becoming a wrestler: “None, no he’s a heck of a drawer. He’s very artistic. If you was to ask him what his dream job would be, it would be working for Marvel. We took him to Full Sail for a tour, I was going out there to do something for them anyways. Some of their graduates have gone on to work for Marvel and stuff, so we went out there and he got to see some of the process.”

On how much he wants to know about how WWE will use him when they call him: “For the most part, the first couple of times I just show up and do whatever it didn’t matter. The Bryan Danielson thing, a lot of it just didn’t make any sense, and even that I went ahead and did it because I thought ‘what the heck.’ I was supposed to just kick him and that was it, and I said at least let me come on tomorrow night and let him stretch me, at least let him get something back, the poor dude.”

On Daniel Bryan: “Very simple, that first class which he was part of, was him, (Brian) Kendrick and Cade, Lance Cade. You could just see that Lance, Brian, and Bryan would be three guys that certainly looked like they were willing to go ahead and pay the price, and wait, and starve and all those type of things. I remember telling him and Brian Kendrick, you have to understand something, he’s bigger, he’s going to get the first look, it’s going to be a longer road for you guys, because you are going to get the me treatment, and all I can tell you is what someone told me, that was (Ted) DiBiase, is that eventually talent will make its way to the top. He was a hard worker. I always throw Kendrick in with him, because those two guys pushed each other all the time. They were constantly there all the time, the absolute two best guys in the world to train.”

On Pat Patterson’s Role In Montreal: “The differences that Bret and I had while we were there, that hurt him so bad. What hurt him the worst was Bret thought that Pat had taken part in something, and he never did. The thing is, we knew specifically that you couldn’t tell Pat, because he couldn’t live with it because he’s such a sweetheart.”

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