Sheamus Discusses The Star Wars VII Rumors, Playing Vader, More


In an interview with The National, Sheamus commented on the rumors that he will play Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode VII. He previously portrayed the character during a promotional show for the prequels.

On the rumors not being true: “That was crazy. Basically I went home to Ireland and the crew were filming quite close to me at the time, then all these mad rumors started flying around. I definitely haven’t received a contract, a helmet or a lightsaber yet, but who knows? It might come through the door. I hope it does.”

On when he played Vader: “I did dress up as Darth Vader once for a promotion with Kellogg’s when Episode I came out. We went to Dublin, Manchester and London and recreated a few scenes from the first three movies with me and a couple of storm troopers and a Death Star backdrop. I’d love to look back at it and see how bad I was!”

On WWE scouting in Abu Dhabi: “If you look at WWE’s talent roster, we already have superstars from Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, France, the US, Ireland and England. I know we had tryouts over here too, so who knows? Maybe the next WWE Superstar could come from the Middle East. The world really is getting smaller and WWE has definitely recognised that.”

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