**SPOILERS** Lucha Underground Taping Results 9/7/14


Credit: Tatankasaurus:

MATCH 1 (DARK MATCH, I think) – Shawn Hernandez def Ricky Mandel – A few botches in this one. Mandel leapt off the top rope and Hernandez lost balance when trying to catch him. They both stumbled to the ground. Hernandez won with the pounce.

Next was a promo from Big Rick (Ezekiel Jackson), Cortez Castro (Ricky Reyes), and Cisco (Lil Cholo) introducing themselves. Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) runs in chasing off Big Rick. He tries fighting off Castro and Cisco, and Prince Puma (Ricochet) runs in to even the odds. At this point, some GM figure with laryngitis makes a tag team match.

MATCH 2: Johnny Mundo/Prince Puma def Cisco/Cortez Castro – A decent match. Puma really shined with a few big moves to the outside. It ended with Puma and Morrison hitting 450 splashes from either corner of the ring for the pinfall.

MATCH 3: Chavo Guerrero Jr/Sexy Star def Son of Havoc (Matt Cross)/Ivelisse – A good match. Chavo and Sexy were both over with the crowd. Chavo won with the Frogsplash.

MATCH 4: Mil Muertes (Judas Mesias, as I understand) with Catalina (WWE NXT’s Maxine) def Blue Demon Jr. by pinfall – Another decent bout. Nothing too exciting here. After the match, it looked like Muertes was going to inflict more damage on Blue Demon when Chavo ran out with a chair in hand. Muertes bailed, then suddenly… Chavo walloped Blue Demon over the head with the chair! 2 referees jumped in the ring to break it up, but Chavo attacked them, knocking them out. B-Boy and Famous B rushed the ring and Chavo nailed them with chairs too. Eventually, Sexy Star came out, she tried to reason with Chavo but ultimately Chavo hit her with a chairshot as well. Then Chavo continued beating Blue Demon with a chair until EMTs came out. Chavo sat in the middle of the ring laughing maniacally with bodies strewn about everywhere.

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