Stephanie McMahon & Other WWE Executives Sell Stock


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Stephanie McMahon’s trust acquired 609,733 shares of WWE stock and she sold 105,931 shares for $22 million. This was in the works since May, as she releases some of her Class A stock (the non-public stock) to convert into Class B for sale. She will be selling another 609,733 shares between now and the end of the year. At this time, her trust currently has 2,353,195 shares worth $48,946,456.

On August 5th, Kevin Dunn sold 40,000 shares of WWE stock on August 5th at $22.74 per share for $909,600. He still owns 172,234 shares.

Michelle Wilson, the Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, recently sold 25,000 of her shares for a total of $546,284. She still owns 58,489 shares.

WWE’s Basil V. Jr. Devito, Sr. Advisor, Bus. Strategies of World Wrestling Entertainment sold 4,100 shares on Aug 10, 2015. The shares were sold at $21.75 per share for a total value of $89,029.00.

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