Steve Austin, Mick Foley & Lita React To WWE SummerSlam


Mick Foley, Steve Austin and Lita spoke with SI today about last night’s SummerSlam. Check out the highlights:

Austin on Seth Rollins: “Seth Rollins is constantly working his a– off and getting better. I’m always impressed when John Cena displays his strength, which he did with that one roll-through where he stands up Rollins, but s—, a minute later, there is the same sequence and Rollins picked up Cena. He’s a great athlete and putting all the pieces together in the ring, and has really gotten better from a psychology standpoint. Cena is a big match guy, and he and Rollins were one of the best matches of the night. Rollins has a lot of confidence, a lot of steam behind him, and I think he’s kicking a–.”

Foley on the main event: “I was watching on a monitor [backstage], and there was a lot going on until the main event started. That’s when everyone’s eyes stayed focused on the match. I wondered how the Undertaker worked himself into such great shape. He worked a very physical match and never seemed to be short of breath.”

Foley on opening the show with Jon Stewart: “That came together about two days ago. Jon Stewart asked WWE if I was available, and I mulled over his text for about ten seconds, and replied that I was, indeed, available.”

Lita on the Divas match: “We have this influx of girls with incredible backstory. Our NXT fans feel that connection, whereas a lot of the girls on the main roster have had so many different storylines over the years that you’re not sure what to think about them, but we’re on the right track.”

Austin on Sheamus not yet reaching his potential: “There is still time for Sheamus. He just needs to put a little more into his matches. Look at someone like Bret Hart, or Bobby Eaton, or even myself. I like the kid a lot, and I’m really trying to put the pieces together as to why that guy isn’t higher up than he is, but he just needs to find that other level.”

Here’s a little unknown fact for ya’ – did you know that Jack Swagger smokes cigarettes? The only other WWE Superstars that we know of who smoke (or used to smoke) are The Big Show and Randy Orton. If you’re interested, you can click here to see a photo of Swagger puffing a smoke (cigarette).

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