The Latest Edition Of ‘Canvas To Canvas’ + JBL Named Beyond Sport Ambassador


WWE announced yesterday that JBL has been named an ambassador for Beyond Sport. JBL was appointed to the position for the global organization, which uses sport “to cause a sustainable social change.” JBL has been associated with the group since he was introduced to them in 2010 while in South Africa for the World Cup, after which he created his own organization called Beyond Rugby Bermuda.

“Beyond Sport, to me, is one of the best organizations in the world,” JBL told “They use ‘Sport for Change’ as the catchphrase that goes around the world for all different programs, but they’re all doing phenomenal work. They change the lives of, predominately, disadvantaged kids.”

He added, “It’s a tremendous honor; all the ambassadors have done remarkable work. It’s such an honor to be there but it’s an honor of what I represent, not of me. What I’m recognized for is not my own personal achievements, but for what the program has done for Bermuda.”

WWE releaased the folloeing videio the latest edition of “Canvas 2 Canvas” featuring Bret Hart:

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