The Latest Updates On The Concussion Lawsuits Against WWE



Here are some additional details on the multiple concussion lawsuits filed against the WWE. A court in Oregon sent the lawsuit that Billy Jack Haynes filed over to Connecticut weeks ago and it was added to the consolidated related cases on July 30. This includes lawsuits from Ryan Sakoda, Evan Singleton, Vito LoGrasso, Matt Wiese (Luther Reigns) and Russ McCullough. The lawsuits from Blackjack Mulligan, Dynamite Kid, Ivan Koloff and Koko B. Ware have also been consolidated into the same case.

The lawsuit from McCullough, Sakoda and Wiese has been named the primary suit by the Judge. WWE is working to get the lawsuits filed by the estates of Matt Osbourne (filed in Texas) and Nelson Frazier Jr (filed in Tennessee) moved to Connecticut after their attorney Konstantine W. Kyros refused to refile the cases. WWE contracts state that all legal issues from contracts will be heard in Connecticut court, where the company is located. All other lawsuits against the company filed in other jurisdictions were sent to CT.

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