The Latest ‘WWE Fury’, + Tommy Dreamer’s Chokeslam Statement


— As noted late last night here on the website, Tommy Dreamer is done with taking chokeslams. Dreamer, who took his last chokeslam back in July from Lance Hoyt, explained why in a new online post that you can see below:

““There comes a time in every persons life they say uggh im getting old. We can fight it as much as possible but it happens. It is harder to come to terms with many athletes that they are losing a step. Ironically I watched a story about Earl Campbell the iconic running back for the Houston Oilers whose punishing style made him famous. He has a myriad of back issues walks w/a walker from when the documentary was made. He said after he got traded, he had the toughest call to make & he called his wife & said im losing a step. Its time to retire. Well on Sunday in Houston Texas. I took my last ever chokeslam. This move was invented by Paul Heyman. He visualized it & gave it to a wrestler named 911. Well I took my share of them from him as well as from Brian Lee which made me famous for being crazy & extreme. I actually enjoyed taking them. Ive taken them on chairs, concrete, a cinderblock, outside on someones lawn. Into a trash can, into a dumpster, from the top of the ECW Arena, the top of steel cages, you name it ive taken them. Well I took this one on Sunday & I felt something weird. PAIN. & heard crunch. Wasnt Lance Hoyts fault he placed me perfect. Im just 44 & after a 20min hardcore match my chokeslam bump card has expired. Going into my own companies largest show im hurt. Im pissed at myself because when im performing in ring im still 25 years old, but my body reminded me im 44 w/a broken neck & back. So thank you Chokeslam we had a great relationship. Ive taken them from 911,Brian Lee, The Undertaker, Kane, Test, Big Show and a few I probably forgot. I will heal, I will fight thru the pain but knowing my wrestling career is on the tail end of ending is the hardest part. No regrets, I got a few good matches left in me. Thanks for reading”

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