The Miz Credits John Cena for Early Career Advice


The Miz said that John Cena helped him realized what he needed to do to get ahead when he first joined the WWE during an interview with The Herald Sun.

“Most of all you have to make the audience believe (in your character),” Miz said. “No matter what they’re saying about it, you always have to make them believe.”

Also during the interview, The Miz discussed CM Punk and noted that they were polar opposites.

“I enjoy the limelight, walking the red carpet, living in Hollywood and doing stuff like that,” he admitted. “And Punk, well, he’s not what you’d call a `corporate person’. I think the big differences in who we are as people, and as characters, would make for a great feud.”

Other topics discussed in include: Ric Flair passing the Figure Four to him, the WWE tour in Australia, being the villain in Mick Foley’s book and more.

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