Three Top TNA Stars Could Be On Their Way To WWE


As previously noted on the site, Drew Galloway’s deal with TNA is up next month. Galloway did an interview last week where he noted that he has some decisions to make and he is looking at all options, even though he says that he has enjoyed his time in TNA. One would think that WWE would have plans for him for either the UK tournament or as a top star on Raw or Smackdown Live. I could see there being interest from New Japan Pro Wrestling as well but, as Dave Meltzer reported in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, NJPW has not been aggressive lately about signing new talent since they already have so many guys. Galloway will not be at the TNA tapings until the 1/7 show because he has bookings with What Culture Pro Wrestling. TNA does want to keep him and they would like to sign him to an exclusive deal.

TNA also wants to lock in the Matt and Jeff Hardy to exclusive deals but it would take a nice dollar amount to get them to agree because they are making good money on the independent scene by booking themselves. If Anthem is willing to spend to keep talent then it wouldn’t be out of the question to think that Matt and Jeff would consider staying especially since they get to call their own shots with indy bookings and they would still work a limited schedule in TNA as opposed to a full-time WWE schedule.

As noted in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, WWE wants to sign both of them. If they can keep their current gimmicks then it could be huge for their merchandise sales. The word on both Matt and Jeff is that things are in the early stages in the negotiations. Both Matt and Jeff have said publicly that their current TNA deal expires at the end of February.



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