TNA iMPACT Report (10/28) – Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong, James Storm vs. Abyss, More


We start off with a video package looking back at last week’s tournament matches, then Josh and Pope talk about recent happenings in the tournament, then we go backstage to Ethan Carter III, who said that it took incredible intestinal fortitude to kick out of Bobby Lashley’s spear and powerslam. When the World Title is at stake, you do anything you can to get ahead and when the opportunity came to kick Lashley in the uprights, you bet he took it.

Okay, off to the ring for our opening match!

World Title Series – Group Tag Team Specialists: Matt Hardy vs Robbie E

They start off trading shots in the corner, then they wind up on the apron where Hardy sweeps Robbie’s legs out from under him. Robbie responds with a somersault dive off the apron and clotheslines Hardy into the ringpost, then they head back inside. Robbie goes to the top, but Hardy tosses him off with an Iconoclasm and follows up with the Side Effect for 2. Robbie blocks a second Side Effect and comes out of the corner with a clothesline for 2. Hardy drives Robbie into the corner and hits a splash mountain for 2. Hardy hits the howling elbow and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Robbie counters to a DDT for 2. Hardy hits a second Side Effect and follows up with the Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Hardy is at 6 points and is leading his group.

Gail Kim is backstage and says Brooke was the better woman a few weeks ago, but she still has a chance to advance and if she has to beat Kong to do it, that’s what she’s going to do.

Matt Hardy is backstage saying that he never underestimates his opponents, but Robbie E brought way more than he expected tonight. Robbie says he feels like he earned Matt’s respect tonight by taking him to the limit, and he’s happy to prove that he belongs in the ring with the guys he’s facing. Then we go back to Matt Hardy when Grado breaks in on his interview time to take a selfie with him.

World Title Series – Group UK: Drew Galloway vs Grado

We see a video package of Drew Galloway’s road through his professional wrestling career and that he’s steamrolling through Group UK and everyone else who stands in his way until he gets the TNA World Title. We go to the match where Grado rips off Colt Cabana’s entire schtick with the comedy wrestling, at least until Drew Galloway gets a rear waistlock and German suplexes Grado on his head. Grado with more comedy stuff, but that just pisses off Drew, who cleans his clock with a big forearm, some chops in the corner, and a belly to belly suplex for 2. Drew yells at Grado to STAND UP!, and finally Grado unloads with right hands and a Dusty Rhodes elbow. Grado hits a Rock Bottom, then flattens Drew with a cannonball in the corner. Grado puts Drew in the Tree of Woe, but Drew spider suplexes Grado and drills him with the big boot for the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Drew is up to six points now, Grado is mathematically eliminated, and I guess now we’re just waiting to see whether Bram or Spud joins Drew in the round of 16.

We see a video package looking back at Gail Kim and Awesome Kong’s first match, and they’re in our main event tonight!

We see a video package showing the history of Abyss quitting the Revolution and helping Mahabali Shera beat James Storm, then we go to Josh and Pope as they talk about stuff before sending us back to the ring…

World Title Series – Group Wildcard: Aiden O’Shea vs Crazzzzzzzzzzzy Steve

They spend a couple of minutes arguing about whether Crazzy Steve needs to put his horn down or not, and finally O’Shea gets rid of it and tells Steve to fight him if he wants it back. O’Shea finally starts unloading on Steve with heavy right hands and elbows. O’Shea beats Steve up in the ring, O’Shea beats Steve up on the floor,but then O’Shea misses a big right hand and punches the ring steps by accident. Steve goes after the right hand like a shark smelling blood, slamming it into the ring apron and into the ringpost, then he starts biting O’Shea. That just pisses O’Shea off, and he drills Steve with a left jab before ripping his head off with a lariat for the win.

Winner: Aiden O’Shea

O’Shea gets his first three points, and is now tied for first with Kenny King and Mahabali Shera.

Abyss is backstage and says he needs to destroy his past to get to his future. He and James Storm are TNA originals, but Storm made him feel like he needed the Revolution. Abyss doesn’t need Storm or the Revolution, and the only thing that suits him now is gold.

We see a video package of James Storm’s road from losing the World Title through to this series, and he’ll face Abyss later on tonight!

We see a video package of Kong and Gail’s most recent match when Kong defeated Gail to earn a shot at Taryn Terrell’s Knockouts Title, then we see Grado backstage still knocked silly after Drew galloway smacked him up earlier tonight. Josh and Pope go over some of the numbers before throwing it back to the ring for our next tournament match…

World Title Series – Group TNA Originals: James Storm vs Abyss

Storm gets a microphone and says he and Abyss have been here since day one and made this company so the fans can come out and watch some great entertainment, and Abyss is a smart, smart man, definitely a whole lot smarter than the fans out in the crowd. He wants Abyss to do the smart thing and walk back to the locker room and let him win by countout. Abyss grabs the mic and reminds Storm that he’s still a giant weapon of mass destruction, and Storm begs off, and suckerpunches Storm to jump start the match. Storm dodges a corner splash and unloads with right hands, but runs right into a side suplex and rolls out to the floor as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Abyss smashes Storm’s face into a chair that is wedged in the corner, and for some reason the referee doesn’t call for a DQ. Abyss big splashes James Storm as TNA flashes a “BUY THE EARL HEBNER TNA HALL OF FAME T-SHIRT!!” graphic across the bottom of the screen. I try to decide whether that’s more more outlandish or the fact that Abyss brings Janice into the ring and swings it at Storm, but again doesn’t get disqualified. Storm dodges of course and Janice gets wedged in the top turnbuckle, then Storm hits Closing Time and drills Abyss with his cowbell. He covers for 2 and then goes to the top, but Abyss stops him and goes up for a superplex. Storm hits a sunset bomb and goes back to the top, hits a flying elbowdrop, and covers for 2. Storm hits Last Call, but Abyss no-sells and chokeslams Storm for 2. Storm grabs a beer bottle and takes a swig, the referee confiscates the bottle, and Storm spews the beer in Abyss’ face and hits him with a pair of Last Call superkicks to finally put Abyss down for 3.

Winner: James Storm

Didn’t expect to see Storm get any points, but there you go!

Jeremy Borash sat down with Mahabali Shera in Nashville, Tennessee (which mysteriously is not moving behind them), and Mahabali Shera says this matches is very important to for proving his family proud that he can win the World Title. He says he doesn’t really like to talk because he show in ring, and I think the less he talks the better. He is so excited he is dreaming and he is going back to India for 3 huge day in Mumbai.I am really, really scared that this guy is going to win this tournament.

World Title Series – Group X Division: Tigre Uno vs DJ Z

Hey look, it’s the greatest X Division Champion in history! They do spotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspot, Tigre blew half the moves he tried, and DJ Z hits the tornado DDT through the ropes to pick up three points.

Winner: DJ Z

So does this make DJ Z the greatest X Division Champion in history now?

We see another video package looking at the history of Awesome Kong and Gail Kim, and they’ll face off after this commercial break!


World Title Series – Group Knockout: Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong

Gail uses her speed to stick and move around Kong, and attacks Kong’s shoulder whenever she sees an opening. Kong wipes her out with one big clothesline, and Gail looks frustrated as she rolls out to the floor to collect her thoughts. Gail comes in and goes back after Kong’s arm, and we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Kong giant swings Gail into the middle turnbuckle and locks her in a camel clutch. Kong vertical drops on Gail’s back, but misses a splash and Gail tries a handspring headscissors, but Kong just shoves her off and rips her head off with a clothesline. Kong chokes Gail with her boot, then locks her in a sleeper. Gail gets out and tries a kick, but Kong catches her foot and just swats her face off. Kong goes for a slam, Gail tries the royal octopus, but Kong drops her with a side suplex for 2. Gail suddenly dropkicks Kong to the floor and comes off the apron with a diving forearm that finally takes Kong off her feet. Kong crawls back in under the bottom rope and Gail immediately locks her in her guillotine choke. The ref checks the arm, but Kong is up and rolls Gail to her back for 2. Gail connects with a big kick to the head, but she tries a crossbody and is caught and powerslammed for 2. Gail DDTs Kong, fires off a series of kicks, and dropkicks Kong’s knee out from under her. Gail comes off the top with a crossbody, but Kong powers out at 2. Kong looks shocked as she regains her feet, she goes for a powerbomb, but Gail rolls through and cradles Kong’s leg for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Gail had to win this one, and she sure had to fight for it. Great night of wrestling as the tournament continues.