TNA IMPACT Report (12/16) – Rockstar Spud vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Roode


The show opened with a video feature on the TNA World Title Series finalists. We’ll get a special look at their road to the tournament finals. There will also be several four way matches.

Josh Mathews noted the tournament finals will take place on 1/5/16 live from Bethlehem, PA. He didn’t, however, say where it was going to air, obviously!

They went into a video feature looking at the first of the World Title Series finalists, Matt Hardy with Hardy narrating his way through the tournament. They showed highlights of his bout against Davey Richards from the first round.

Mandrews & Tigre Uno & Manik & DJ Zema vs. Crimson & Jesse Godderz & Eli Drake & Micah

It’s Group Future Four vs. Group X-Division. Zema and Micah went back and forth. The announcers were pushing how close Bethlehem is from NYC, Philly and Jersey and how they can’t wait to see all the cities represented. Godderz and Mandrews tagged in. Godderz grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the corner and worked him over. Mandrews fought back and tagged in Uno. They went to a spot where they battled over a suplex with the rest of the team coming in and joining the chain one by one until Group X-Division scored the win in that battle.

Zema nailed a big tope con hilo to the outside on Drake and Godderz. Uno scored with a corkscrew dive. Micah hit one as well. Mandrews went for one but was cutoff by Godderz as he charged across the ring. Godderz showboated in the ring but Manik nailed him with a dropkick from behind, sending him to the floor. Manik nailed a big flying bodypress to the outside of the ring, wiping everyone out like dominoes.

Mandrews went to the top but was nailed by Eli Drake from behind. Team Future Four worked over Mandrews, tagging in and out as they laid waste to him. Crimson killed him with a big chokeslam. Drake tagged himself in (not the first time he’s done that) and Crimson was mad because he had the match won. They started arguing and that allowed Uno to tag in and clean house. Drake cut off Uno and went for a tag but all his partners had enough of him and walked off.

Drake tried to walk off and “agree” with them to leave but they grabbed him and tossed him back in the ring. That was funny. Drake was left for dead and Group X-Division destroyed him and scored the pin.

Your winners, Group X-Division.

Some solid wrestling here and some nice character stuff from Drake. I liked the idea of everyone wiping him out.

Next was a look at Bobby Lashley’s rise through the World Title Series as well as his bout against Austin Aries in the tournament.

They noted Kurt Angle would comment on the Final Four later on tonight.

They went into a feature on EC3. He said that he’s preparing for the Final Four at one of his homes in Nashville. We saw a video of EC3 working out. He said the entire World Title Series ia a farce because he never truly lost the championship. He said he wasn’t handed anything, he earned it all and no one out works EC3.

Rockstar Spud vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Roode

Some good action early. Spud nailed a dive over the top onto everyone. He went to the top with a flying forearm on Edwards. He went for a Sliced Bread #2 but was caught with a backslide. Spud rolled out but was caught with another and pinned

Spud has been eliminated.

Anderson and Roode worked over Edwards, who came back with a double rana. Edwards kicked Roode, who was on the top and nailed the Chin Checker. Edwards charged but was caught in a Roode Bomb set-up. Edwards escaped and almost beat Roode. Roode escaped and saw that Anderson didn’t try to help him. They had worked and began fighting. Anderson was knocked to the floor. Roode caught Edwards with the Rude Bomb and scored the pin.

Edwards has been pinned.

Anderson and Roode battled back and forth. Roode locked inn the Crossface but Anderson made the ropes. Anderson nailed Roode but was kicked off as he charged. Roode went to come off the ropes but was nailed. Anderson slammed Roode off but only got a two count. Anderson went for the Mic Check but Roode escaped. Roode went for the Roode Bomb but Anderson slipped out only to be caught in the Crossface. Anderson tried to fight his way out but eventually tapped out.

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

Lots of good action here.

Kurt Angle said it’s been hard for him watching the World Title Series from the outside. He said that he doesn’t know who’s going to win but the person who does is going to be a tough man. It was the toughest tournament in Impact history. He’s fought all of the finalists over the last year and they are all great. He said Eric Young is dangerous and can beat anyone. He believes Lashley may be the favorite because anytime its time to step up, he wins. Matt Hardy has to sustain his momentum to win. He said EC3 is the most underrated wrestlers on the roster. He doesn’t know that anyone can beat him.

They went to a feature on Eric Young’s TNA World Title Series run. Young said he’s caused title changes twice this year and the title has been taken from him. He knocked Bobby Roode for taking the World title from him, and said he would never forgive him. They showed footage of Young vs. Roode from the World Title Series.

They then showed footage of EC3 vs. Ken Anderson from the tournament. They the continued with EC3 talking about his journey in the tournament, discussing his win over DJ Zema Ion.

They closed out Impact with a Round Table discussion with Lashley, EC3, Matt Hardy and Eric Young with Josh Mathews moderating. Lashley asked EC3 if he was going to fight clean or is he going to have his man Tyrus get involved EC3 said he beat Lashley in an earlier round so its unfortunate and unfair he has to face him again in the finals. He said he took advantage of a weakness Lashley had and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hardy said that EC3 has deluded himself into thinking he’s got integrity.

Hardy said Young is tough and hard and has a lot of qualities that Hardy admires but there’s a lot about him that he doesn’t like and he’s going to beat that out of him. Mathews said that Hardy is unbeaten thus far. Young scoffed at that and said he was in the Tag division, the easiest division. Young said he was in the “Death” group, the Originals. Young said he’s won every title in TNA. Hardy told him to stop putting himself over because everyone knows he’s great. Hardy said he’s unbeaten in the tournament and that’s not going to change.

Hardy said he wants to face Lashley in the finals but he might have to face EC3 since he has Tyrus in his corner. EC3 said that anyone is free to hire someone to watch their backs too. Hardy said that they are wrestlers and they have integrity. Lashley said that he’s never wrestled Matt but he wants to and he wants to face Hardy in the finals.

EC3 predicted it would be himself vs. Young in the finals. He said it would be tough but he’s prepared for the finals. Young said that you can say whatever you want about EC3 but winners win. Young was asked who isn’t advancing. He said he’s already answered this and said it would be Hardy. Young started to lose it screaming he was going to stop Hardy forever and it was his tournament to win. He promised that Hardy was done. He said he wasn’t thinking about anyone but Hardy and when he goes to bed tonight, he’s going to think about how to break Hardy and make him go home to his family early.

The show went off the air announcing that next week, they would air a Best of 2015 episode.

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