TNA Impact Results (01/19) – TNA World Title vs Matt Hardy’s Career: Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy


We see Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III arriving at the arena, then we see a video package recapping their history since the World Title Series. They face off in a Last Man Standing match tonight, TNA World Title vs Matt Hardy’s TNA career!

We hit the opening video, then we’re off to the ring where Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring for the opening promo. He says something doesn’t feel right about Matt’s situation tonight, so he invites Matt out to let him know how he feels. Matt joins his brother in the ring, and Jeff says they have made famous out of taking risks and using ladders, and he may be the artist in the family, but Matt is a master in the ring and he owes Matt so much for making him the wrestler he is today. Matt’s so talented, but tonight feels a little too risky, and he has a weird vibe about tonight’s main event. Matt says he understands why Jeff feels that way, but he feels like he let Jeff and the fans down, as well as his wife and son. His career is at a crossroads, and he’s got a feeling telling him that tonight is the night to bet it all. He respects Jeff for being honest with him, but tonight, he’s beating EC3 and ending the streak. Jeff knows about letting people down, but Matt knows what EC3 is capable of because he’s been in the ring with him more than anyone else. EC3 leads with his ego, and that’s why he decided to go all in because he’s good physically and mentally, and he’s supremely confident that he has EC3 in checkmate tonight. When he beats EC3 and wins the TNA World Title, all his dreams come true. He’s going to make everyone proud, and he’ll show the world who Matt Hardy is: the premier wrestler on this planet. Jeff’s glad they had this conversation, because if Matt believes it, he believes it, and if he believes it, the CREATURES BELIEVE IT! He senses a new World Champion tonight, and all the fans are going to be chanting the Hardy name.

Tyrus comes out to the top of the ramp and says the Hardys sound sweet talking about dreams because they got everything they wanted and didn’t deserve. One funny thing is that one wrong idea or thought, their dreams become a nightmare. Matt made the biggest mistake of his career, and EC3’s got him tonight and it’s over for him. Jeff’s mistake was far more serious than that, and Jeff doesn’t know what he means, but Tyrus says that everything he’s done in TNA has been about business. Jeff made it personal by calling him stupid and joking that he couldn’t read, and nobody makes him stupid, so later on tonight, smartass belongs to Tyrus. Jeff says we all know how he is with letters, but he’s not sure how he is with numbers, so he says they should do it right now. Tyrus says it’s on, and we’ll have the match after this commercial break!

Jeff Hardy vs Tyrus

Jeff tries to speed his way around Tyrus, but Tyrus corners Jeff and pummels him. Jeff tries to go for a springboard move, but Jeff falls off the top rope and appears to hurt his leg. Tyrus goes right after Jeff’s bad wheel, dropping all his weight on it with elbows and then cranking it into an ankle bar. Tyrus crotches Jeff on the ringpost, grabs a chair, and shoves the ref out of the way when he tries to stop him.

Winner: Jeff Hardy by DQ

Tyrus brings Jeff back into the ring and tries for the spike, but Jeff hits a Twist of Fate and Tyrus rolls out to the floor.

Josh and Pope announce the return of Feast or Fired next week, and we see a video package of previous winners and losers.

The Wolves are backstage talking about Beer Money’s return and saying how they’ve been here overcoming the best in tag team wrestling for two years now. They’re ready to do this, but Crazzzzzy Steve comes in to distract the Wolves while what appears to be Abyss lays them out from behind.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong

Kong completely dominates from the start, hammering Gail with chops, a corner avalanche, and then swinging her around the ring by the hair. Gail rolls out to the floor to break Kong’s momentum, and lands right in front of where the Dollhouse is sitting. Kong brings Gail back inside and drops her with another big right hand, but Gail catches Kong in a surprise armbar and rolls her into a split cradle for 2. Gail hits a tornado DDT, but winds up brawling with Kong’s crew at ringside and takes them out with a top rope dive to the floor. Gail goes back to Kong and hammers her with a flurry of shots and a neckbreaker for 2. Jade gets up on the apron to distract the referee, but Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne run out to neutralize the Dollhouse. Jade holds Gail for Kong, but Gail dodges and hits Eat DaFeet on Kong. Jade tries coming off the top, but Gail moves and Jade lands on Kong, allowing Gail to get a jackknife cradle for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Gail retains, and Kong is gonna be PISSED when she finds out what happened.

Beer Money comes out to the ring, and Storm says it’s been five years since Beer Money wrestled on Impact, and it’s going down tonight. Roode asks the fans if they want to see Beer Money kick some ass, because they have two guys in mind. Roode calls Bram and Eric Young out here now, but Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz come out instead. Drake says it’s not 2006, Beer Money’s time is gone and it’s time for Eli Drake. He thinks Beer Money is having a midlife crisis, and Jessie says they’re going to not just beat, but break Beer Money. Storm says they just wrote a check their asses can’t cash, and Beer Money goes after Drake and Godderz.

Beer Money vs Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz

Storm and Godderz go at it while Roode beats Drake up on the floor. Jessie gets the advantage and the heels take over for a bit, but Storm makes the hot tag, Roode cleans house, and Beer Money hits the DWI for the win.

Winners: Beer Money

Matt Hardy and EC3 are backstage, and they’re…WARMING UP!

Matt Hardy and Reby check in on Jeff, who is icing his bad leg. Jeff wants to stay for tonight’s main event, but Matt and Reby convince him to go to the hospital for his own family’s sake. Jeff reluctantly leaves, and Matt looks conflicted.

We see a video package for the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour, then we go to the ring where Angle says he’s been walking down that ramp for nearly twenty years, and the reception he gets from the fans make the bumps and bruises worth it. Drew Galloway took him to the limit last week, and those are the kinds of matches he wants to have for his farewell tour. He says it’s tough to pick who’s next out of so much great talent, but Bobby Lashley interrupts to help Kurt make his decision. He says he has more respect for Kurt than almost anyone in the business, and Angle found him at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado 14 years ago and convinced him to get into the professional wrestling business. He thanks Kurt for that, and he waited for a long, long time to have a match with Kurt. Lashley says Kurt is the man, and after all that time, they finally wrestled about a year ago. It was the greatest time in Lashley’s career, but also the worst because Angle beat him and took his title. Lashley hasn’t been the same since, he’s been a shell of himself, and he tells Kurt to look in his eyes and realize he’s not the man Kurt met 14 years ago. Lashley says there’s only one solution, and that Kurt has to give him one more match. The fans dig that idea, and Angle has no idea if he can beat Lashley again, but that’s why he wants to wrestle him. He backs down from nobody, so if Lashley wants to wrestle the greatest of all time, then he’s got it, but it’s gonna be real…it’s gonna be DAMN REAL. Angle’s music hits, but then it dies down as Lashley tells Kurt he’s gonna beat his ass. Lashley gives Angle a death stare, then slowly walks out of the ring.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kannelis are backstage, and they’re…TALKING!

Afterthe commercial, Lashley is backstage and says he’s waited for this opportunity for a year, and Kurt gave it to him. Suddenly, a really, really hot girl comes in, gets all over Lashley, and tells him to take a good look because his pain is her pleasure.

Maria Kannelis comes out and welcomes us to her place of worship, and she wants to know if the fans believe in the Miracle.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Pepper Parks

Bennet outwrestles Parks and slaps him, but that fires Parks up, and Parks goes nuts unloading with right hands and kicks. He charges at Bennett, and runs right into a superkick. Bennett is on Parks like a shot, hammering him with right hands and then hitting a corner clothesline. Bennett hits a vertical suplex for 2, then comes off the second rope, Parks tries to get the boot up and Bennett stops short before landing on it, but Parks kicks him anyway. Parks mounts a bit of a comeback, but Bennett snaps off a spinebuster, hits a short right hand, and finishes it with a Cradle Shock.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Bennett gets a mic and says we just witnessed a real life Miracle, and Parks definitely needed a miracle because what he is doing is building a Kingdom of Miracles where everybody screams out “YES WE DO!”

EC3 is backstage and says this isn’t something he asked for, Matt volunteered, and while it is noble, it’s futile because Matt Hardy can’t beat him. There is honor in being a family man, and Matt has his family, but EC3 has his family, indicating Tyrus. He’s sacrificed far more than Matt ever will, and if Matt Hardy says he cannot die, the feeling isn’t mutual because there’s nothing he won’t put on the line to hang onto his title. He’s sorry, but Matt Hardy goes home. The camera pulls back to reveal that they’re sitting in an ambulance, and EC3 says Hardy is going home in this.

Christy Hemme is in the crowd to let us know the next match is for the World Heavyweight Championship, and then…IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Last Man Standing Match – TNA World Title vs Matt Hardy’s Career: Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy

Matt doesn’t even wait for introductions to end before attacking EC3, but EC3 takes Hardy down and returns fire. Matt scurries out to the floor to catch a break, but EC3 chases him out and continues attacking Hardy and crotches him on the barricade. EC3 rams Hardy into the ring steps and then suplexes him on the floor. EC3 gets a pair of tables out from under the ring and sets them up as the referee counts, but he takes too long and Hardy is back after him. Hardy lays EC3 on the tables, EC3 makes it up to the apron and tries to suplex Hardy thruogh the tables, but Hardy suplexes EC3 back inside and conencts with a series of legdrops as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Matt brought a ladder in the ring and waited for EC3 to get to his feet so he can hit a Side Effect. Hardy goes back out to the floor and gets another table, then sets it and the ladder up in the ring. Matt goes for a Twist of Fate, but EC3 twists out, clotheslines Matt, then hits a sort of reverse DDT (momentum in the opposite direction, as opposed to the inverted one like Sting uses). The announcers point out the chants for EC3 as the champion puts Matt on the table and splashes him off the ladder. Matt barely beats the count, EC3 goes for a TKO, Hardy slips out and hits the Twist of Fate. The referee starts the count as we see a concerned Reby sitting in the crowd. Hardy kicks EC3 low, and the crowd didn’t seem to like that one. He yells at the referee to count faster, but EC3 is up and on the apron. Matt actually starts shoving the referee around before going to the apron and hitting a Twist of Fate through the tables. Both men are DOWN on the floor, and both beat the count. Matt dumps EC3 back into the ring, gets a couple of chairs out from under the ring, and puts one around EC3’s neck to hit a Twist of Fate that pretty much bulldogged EC3 onto the chair. The referee is counting as blood is coming out of EC3’s mouth, and Matt yells at the referee to count faster, but EC3 somehow beats the count. Matt looks unhappy with that, so he goes to his wife, who hands him a hammer she had concealed in her diaper bag, and Hardy brings it into the ring, swings…and EC3 ducks and low blows Matt, then hits the 1%. Tyrus comes down to ringside as Reby looks concerned, and Tyrus comes into the ring, looks at Matt, then turns to EC3. EC3 looks up at his bodyguard, and Tyrus scoops him up and hits a bodybag and tells the referee to count. Tyrus goes over and pats Matt on the back, and EC3 once again JUST beats the count. He looks at Matt and Tyrus and tells them to come on, then ducks past Tyrus, spears Matt, then starts pounding on Tyrus. Reby slips Matt the title belt and he uses it to clean EC3’s clock. Matt holds the belt high and stands over EC3 as the referee counts, and the champion is motionless as the referee gets to 10 and calls for the bell.

Winner and New TNA World Champion: Matt Hardy

Reby comes into the ring to hug her husband as we go to commercial.

We’re back as Matt Hardy has a mic and says he is the World Champion, and tonight, he…(well, he pauses while the crowd chants that he sucks). Tonight, he beat the unbeatable EC3 for himself, he ended the streak for himself, and he wants the TNA World Title for himself. When he came to Impact Wrestling, it was with the very best intentions to give back and help, but now, he won’t listen to anyone because they’re all gnats, they’re ants, they’re insignificant. He is a self-made multimillionaire, a house, a beautiful wife, a perfect family, and two weeks ago, his wife told him it’s time to stop giving and start taking. She was right, because she is the only voice of reason in his life, and the only thing that matters as long as he is the TNA World Champion. It looks like Matt had a little more to offer than EC3 when it came to Tyrus, and Tyrus made the right choice because it’s a new day in TNA, the day of the iconic Matt Hardy. Matt rolls EC3, who is still unconscious, on top of a chair, reminds EC3 again that he won, and smashes another chair over the top of EC3’s head before going over and making out with his wife. It’s good to be Matt Hardy. Reby crouches down on top of EC3 and spits on his head, and the new champion and his entourage leave the ring as the now former champion continues to lay bloodied, beaten, and unconscious in the ring.