TNA iMPACT Results – 8/2/15


We see a video package looking at the history leading into last week when Jeff Jarrett and GFW turned on Dixie Carter and laid waste to the TNA roster, then Jeff Jarrett comes out with his GFW crew to say that he came back to TNA very sincerely and stood in this ring with his wife and kids to celebrate the King of the Mountain Title win at Slammiversary. He lived, breathed, and ate this place for over a decade, then he was given the chance to be honored for everything he did for this company. Then Bully Ray was taken out and he tried to help Dixie, he gave Dixie a taste of how good things can be when Jeff Jarrett runs the show. Karen says he had Bully Ray taken out because she saw everything Jeff did for this place and wanted him to get what he deserved. She knows how much Jeff loved TNA and how much he loves his family, so she called Chris Mordetzky and had him take Bully Ray and Drew out because she lived through the hard times with Jeff while all the fans just sat here living through every other regime that came through here. She did what had to be done, and Jeff wants to thank her for everything she’s done and setting the wheels in motion for what’s about to take place. He’s going to take the place he built back over, and tonight starts a hostile corporate takeover. He’s building another wrestling empire, and GFW is right in the middle of it. He still has ownership stake in this company, so there isn’t anything that anyone can do about it. Nobody, and he means nobody, can compete with the GFW roster and he’s going to prove it. Mordetzky takes the mic and says they’ve seen the talent in TNA and they aren’t impressed. He says he’s better than anyone in the locker room, so he challenges anyone back there to come out and face the Adonis. Bobby Lashley comes out, and it looks like we have our first match…after this break!

Chris Mordetzky vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley overpowers the Adonis to start off, taking him down to the mat and taking his head off with a clothesline after a leapfrog. Mordetzky goes for the Mordetzky Lock, but Lashley hits a switch and gets a full nelson slam. Mordetzky catches Lashley with a back elbow, and unloads on him with forearms and stomps. Lashley knocks Mordetzky to the apron and drives him to the floor with a forearm. Lashley goes out after the Adonis, but Mortedzky reverses a whip and sends Lashley crashing into the ring steps. They go back inside and Mordetzky hits and overhead release suplex on the big man, but takes too long playing to the fans and gives Lashley a chance to unload with some right hands before flattening him with a clothesline. Lashley pops Mordetzky over with a German suplex, then crushes Mordetzky with a pair of spears in the corner and a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley sets for a spear, but Mordetzky avoids it coming in and plants Lashley into the mat with a spinebuster. Mordetzky goes for the full nelson again, but Lashley counters to a throw, pops Mordetzky up, and hits the running powerslam. He foregoes a cover and hits a spear instead, but the GFW roster runs in and attacks Lashley before he has a chance to make a cover.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by DQ

The Wolves un in and try to even the very steep odds, but there’s just too many of them and they wind up getting laid out as well. Jeff asks his wife Karen to come back out as we go back to commercial.

Karen comes back out with one of the Feast Or Fired briefcases, and says that her friend Magnus gave her his tag title shot. Hey, nice continuity! I like it! Jeff says they’re cashing this in now, and tells referee Earl Hebner to ring the bell. Hebner gets a mic and screams at the Jarretts, saying that he’s not going to let them cash the briefcase in, leading to a shoving match and eventually Jeff straight up knocking Hebner out. Jeff says to get another referee out here, and we see Lei’D Tapa, Scott D’Amore, and the beard guy escort referee Stiffler out to officiate. He rings the bell, and we’re underway!

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves vs Trevor Lee & Brian Myers

Lee has Eddie trapped in the ring, and he and Myers easily work Eddie over and take Davey out as well when he tries to interfere. Eddie fights his way free and gets Lee in the Achilles Lock as Davey gets Myers in the Texas cloverleaf, but Sonjay Dutt interferes and the Wolves let go of their submission holds to go after him. Lee knocks Eddie out with the briefcase and covers him for the championship win.

Winners and New TNA World Tag Team Champions: Brian Myers & Trevor Lee

Great angle and I loved how they used Magnus to play up the heat between the TNA and GFW sides.

Bobby Roode is backstage saying there’s chaos, and he’s tired of being disrespected by both companies. He has a chance to go out there and win some gold again, and PJ Black is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and with the wrong guy.

Josh Mathews and Pope talk about stuff, then Jeremy Borash interviews Ethan Carter III about his title defense tonight against Matt Hardy. EC3 says that if Matt wins tonight, he becomes champion, but if he wins, then the adventure really starts. Matt will be broken, beaten, and defeated, and they say that Matt Hardy will never die, but his title aspirations will at the hands of EC3. As for Jeff, he likes his coffee black, his women brunettes, and his title and winning streak intact. Jeff should be ready to do the work.

Dixie Carter is backstage, and she’s…SHOWING UP LATE!

King of the Mountain Title Match: PJ Black vs Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode comes out to the top of the ramp and tells Black to look around him and realize that this is TNA Wrestling, he’s a TNA guy, and he’s a TNA original. Everything he sees here, Roode has spent the last ten years building, and some people have both loved and hated him, but at the end of the day, he’s earned everyone’s respect. He doesn’t know what’s going on around here with this GFW crap, but PJ needs to know that he’s a TNA original, this is his house, this is TNA’s house, and he’s the It Factor of Professional Wrestling. After he kicks PJ’s ass, he’s going to become the King of the Mountain Champion.

Roode starts fast, rushing the ring and clotheslining Black to the floor. Roode goes out after Black, slamming his face into the apron and then bringing Black inside for a chop exchange. Black wipes Roode out with a superkick that drives him to the floor, then Black connects with a pair of dives to the floor, then rolls Roode inside and springboards in with an elbowdrop as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and the chop exchange continues until Roode plants Black in the mat with a spinebuster for 2. Roode with a pair of running clotheslines in the corner and a falcon arrow suplex for 2. Black reverses a side suplex to a deathdrop for 2, then plants Roode with a tornado DDT for 2. Black hits a springboard moonsault for another 2, but a second attempt lands on Roode’s knees and then Roode gets a crippler crossface right in the middle of the ring. Sonjay Dutt is out again, Roode goes after him, and Black gets a rollup for 2. Roode kicks out and goes right back to the crowwface as Drew Galloway takes Dutt out on the floor. Black makes it to the ropes, but Roode hits the Roode Bomb and covers for the win.

Winner and New King Of The Mountain Champion: Bobby Roode

Really good match, and I like how the interference didn’t get too overbooked. Jeff Jarrett comes out with the GFW crew and Roode bails out through the crowd as GFW fills the ring back up. Jeff says he knows that Dixie Carter is in the house, and he’s not leaving the Impact Zone before he takes back what is his and what Dixie stole from him. Dixie Carter comes out and Jeff says it’s time for no more of her stupid business mistakes. Dixie says she admits hers (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) while Jeff never admitted his, and all she ever wanted to work with him as a team. Jeff says they were a very successful team until she stole his power and replaced him with one regime after another that failed miserably, time after time after time. Those days are over, and that’s why they’re standing in the ring right now. Dixie isn’t going to stand by and let him do that, and everyone needs to know that he left TNA and removed himself from power. She still stood by Jeff and hoped he would change, and he taught her a lot about wrestling, but he taught her a lot more about ego and taking his ball and going home. Jeff knows what’s best for this place and he’s proven it time and time again, and there’s nothing she can do as long as he has his ownership stake. Dixie says that’s true, but what if she made him an offer not even he could refuse that would get rid of one of them for good? She will put her shares of TNA on the line, and she will do it for the people who stayed and fought for this company. Jeff says that if Dixie wants to accuse him of being selfish, Dixie obviously doesn’t know the real Jeff Jarrett. These guys are standing in the ring with him because they believe in him and GFW, they know he will get in the trenches with them and fight, and if Dixie wants to put her ownership at stake, he has his team and Dixie has nobody behind him. Drew Galloway walks out next to Dixie, and he says that Jeff thought they’d lay down and die, but from Dixie and everyone who’s ever supported TNA, Jeff and GFW can go straight to hell because he’s here to stand up for Dixie, their company, their future and way of life, and if Jeff wants to make a hostile takeover, they’ll have to go through all of them. The Wolves come out to join them, as does Bobby Lashley. Drew says he sees a change in demeanor, and he suggests they fashion the white flag of surrender because this is TNA and they’r ready for the war.

GFW is backstage rallying the troops, then we go to Josh and Pope as they talk about stuff.

Kenny King is in the ring and says that he’s been going through a bit of an identity crisis over the last year, but he’s out here on his own right now. While he was home figuring out the kind of King he wanted to be, he realized he doesn’t want to be the guy who suckerpunches people or uses the numbers advantage, and he doesn’t want to take orders from anyone. He wants to reinstate Open Fight Night, and he doesn’t care if it’s TNA or GFW, someone should come out to face him and get their ass kicked. Hey, look who shows up!

Bram vs Kenny King

King goes after Bram during his entrance, but Bram beats the crap out of him and tosses him into the ring. King quickly takes Bram out with a slingshot dive, then unloads on Bram with right hands. Bram takes over again as they head back into the ring, and King tries a springboard blockbuster, but Bram avoids that and hits the implant DDT for the win.

Winner: Bram

Bram rolls out of the ring and powerwalks to the back without even getting his hand raised.

Jeremy Borash is backstage interviewing the Hardys, and Jeff says tonight is about family. EC3 has no family because his aunt turned her back on him, and Matt says that EC3 loves to be a manipulator, and was masking his true emotion of fear. They made a deal with the devil, and Jeff trusting Matt fuels him, as does the thought of Matt Hardy becoming the World Champion. Tonight, the fans will see that Matt Hardy will never die, and he will be the World Champion.

Velvet Sky comes out and says she’s been keeping to herself since coming back, and that’s because the company has changed dramatically since she was gone. She has changed too, and Taryn Terrell has created this little cult of monsters. Terrell has the nerve to say that whoever crosses her has made an enemy for life, but after sending the Dolls after her, she doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. Velvet demands that Terrell come out now, but Taryn shows up on the video screen and says that Velvet scarred her for life, and it’s Velvet who will regret messing with her. She was compared to Velvet from the time she got here because Velvet’s the hot girl in TNA, but while she’s getting movie and commercial roles, Velvet looks like she just stumbled out of Hot Topic. This is her house, and now Velvet needs to play with her Dollhouse. The three Dolls come out and Velvet asks if they really want to do this because they didn’t bring enough people. The Dolls swarm Velvet Sky, but Angelina Love and Madison Rayne come out and join Velvet in clearing the Dolls out. Madison gets a mic and says she’s sorry to interrupt, but it looks like playtime’s over. Angelina says it looks like the Dollhouse met the edgy, badass, new and improved Beautiful People. Velvet closes it by telling Terrell to bring it because it’s on now!

We see a video package of the history between Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III, and then both men are backstage with their sidekicks, and they’re all…WALKING! The main event is up after this break!

Drew Galloway is backstage asking Dixie Carter if she’s really putting it all on the line here, and Dixie says this isn’t a risk, it’s an investment in the people who have stayed to fight for this company and fight for her. She knows they all can do this, and she knows they won’t let her down. Davey says Dixie treated them like family from the first, and Dixie says if they stand by her, she will ALWAYS stand by them. Yeah.

The match is set: it’s TNA vs GFW for control of TNA in two weeks’ time!


TNA World Title Match: Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy

The bell rings and Matt quckly takes EC3 to the ropes, but breaks clean. Carter runs Hardy over with a shoulderblock, but Hardy comes back with a hiptoss and a shoudlerblock, then takes EC3 out with a back elbow and covers for 2. Rolling neckbreaker gets Matt another 2 count, and we see Jeff cheering his brother on from ringside as he ties the champion up in a three quarter nelson. Hardy with a backdrop and then he clotheslines EC3 to the floor as we go to our final commercial break.

We’re back, and EC3 is firmly in control as he puts the boots to Hardy and comes off the second rope with Matt’s own howling legdrop. Hardy rolls out of the way and Ethan eats mat, he gets Matt in a sleeperhold and Matt starts to fade, but then Matt gets out and connects with a series of clotheslines and a bulldog. Hardy comes off the ropes with the real howling elbow, then htis the Side Effect for 2. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but EC3 rams Hardy into the corner and bumps the referee. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and counts his own fall, but that obviously doesn’t count. Matt goes to check on the ref, but Tyrus nails Matt from the floor and EC3 lays Hardy out with the belt. Carter makes a cover, but Hardy kicks out at 2. Carter gets the belt again and winds up in a tug of war with Jeff, who nails Carter and allows Matt to roll him up for 2. Matt and EC3 hit heads and Matt goes down, EC3 literally falls on top of Matt and that turns into a two count, and they trade blows in the middle of the ring. Matt gets the advantage and then takes Tyrus out with a baseball slide, then Jeff goes after Tyrus too. EC3 catches Matt with a TKO, but Matt is out at 2 as the fans are going nuts for Hardy. Hardy avoids a Stinger splash and hits a tornado DDT for 2, then he goes for another Twist of Fate but EC3 switches out and lays Matt out with a clothesline. EC3 mocks Matt’s howl again and goes for another Twist of Fate, Matt shoves EC3 off, but EC3 low blows Matt and sunset flips him for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Wow, Jeff Hardy does NOT look happy. Ethan Carter III, on the other hand, looks quite pleased with himself and demands that his new servant raise his hand in victory. Jeff climb into the ring next to his brother and raises Ethan’s hand as we call it a week.