Tom Prichard: ‘Roman Reigns Isn’t Ready For Brock Lesnar’


Former WWE head trainer Dr. Tom Prichard was interviewed by about a variety of topics. Check out the highlights:

On his favorite wrestlers growing up: “The Funks, Harley Race, Johnny Valentine, Wahoo McDaniel, Jack Brisco, The Infernos with JC Dykes,

On being hung during his Continental Wrestling Federation run: “As a kid watching wrestling in El Paso, I’d seen Nick Bockwinkel thrown around the ring after a wrestler named The Hangman took his noose and put it around his neck. It looked brutal. Tony Anthony (The Dirty White Boy) and I needed something to keep our angle going and I came up with handcuffing and hanging me. I thought it was great at the time. There was no way to work being drug from the interview platform to the ring, so we just did it.”

On working with Steve Austin: “I had a feeling he would be a star but nobody (even Steve) could possibly fathom how big at that time.”

On the highlight of his in-ring career with WWE: “Wrestling in Madison Square Garden was big for me. Winning the titles at WrestleMania 12 should have been but the reality was the tag team division was pretty shallow at the time.”

On people he trained who should have become bigger: “Curt Hawkins should have been bigger. Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater are two other guys that I thought would have been bigger, too.”

On his current favorite performers: “Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and John Cena.”

On if the new indy talent influx will adjust to the WWE style: “I’m really not sure, to be honest. I don’t know what they’re dealing with while training. Some guys can play the game better than others. Some who you think should do well don’t and then others surprise everybody.”

On if Roman Reigns is ready for a WrestleMania program with Brock Lesnar: “Reigns has a way to go in the ring and on the mic. They shouldn’t throw him into something that he’s not ready for. I don’t see anyone with the exception of The Rock who could stand toe to toe with Brock after Cena.”

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