Tons Of Backstage Notes & **SPOILERS** For Lucha Underground


Source(s): & Pwinsider

Dark Matches:

1. Famous defeated B Boy.

2. Mil Muertes (w/Maxine) defeated Martin Casaus. Both Maxine and Marin appeared on WWE’s Tough Enough. Maxine had a new name.

Lucha Underground Taping

1. Blue Demon Jr defeated Chavo Guerrero.

2. Sons of Havoc (Matt Cross) defeated Sexy Star.

3. Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) defeated Prince Puma (Ricochet). Lil Cholo, Ricky Reyes, and Big Zeke jumped Mundo and Puma.

Also, here are some addition backstage news from the Lucha Underground TV tapings:

* Dorian Roldan from AAA posted on Twitter to fans on where the show was taping.

* AAA wrestlers Fenix Jr. and Pentagon Jr. were not at the tapings last night and they are not scheduled to work tonight because their work visas did not come through in time. The first episode taped last night had to be re-written as a result of their absence.

* The in-ring, wrestling style for the show is reportedly described as the “WWE style.” Chavo Guerrero also is said to have worked as an agent for the first episode, and he told the wrestlers to try and “do less” and make the moves mean more.

* Former WWE Superstar John Morrison worked the tapings as “Johnny Mundo.” His match against Prince Puma (Ricochet) was reportedly the match of the night.

* Ricky Banderas (Judas Mesias in TNA Wrestling) appeared with a mask and worked with the ring name of “Mil Muertes.” Former WWE Diva Maxine is believed to have worked as his valet at the tapings.

* Referees for the event included: Rick Knox from PWG and CWFH; Justin Borden from Championship Wrestling of Hollywood TV; and former WWE referee Marty Elias.

* Melissa Santos was the ring announcer for the tapings.

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