Triple H Reflects On The WWE Performance Center + Emma/WWE


— Triple H spoke with about the WWE Performance Center’s one-year anniversary, touting the facility’s success. He said, “Our goal for the Performance Center was to create an environment that would both educate and facilitate growth with the developmental talent. Over the past year, we have seen tremendous success in these areas and are excited for the future of the center as well as what it means for WWE as a whole.”

— As noted earlier here on the website, Emma was not backstage at WWE RAW this week. Her name wasn’t mentioned internally, nor was her arrest/release/reinstatement from shoplifting charges.

— As noted earlier here on the website, here are the recent WWE attendance figures for July 4th – July 7th…

* July 4th in Windsor, Ontario drew 4,000 fans
* July 5th on London, Ontario drew 5,800 fans
* July 5th in Broomfield, Colorado drew 3,600 fans
* July 6th in Toronto drew 5,800 fans
* July 6th in Kingston, Ontario drew 2,200 fans
* July 7th in Montreal for RAW drew 10,500

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